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GZMIS Hosts the central study group to learn from President Xi’s speech
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On the morning of Juin 23, the Conference of central study group hosted by GZMIS(Guizhou Machinery Industry School) was held in Qing Zhen. Mr.Wu Binru, who is the principal of GZMIS,Vice principal Zhou Weiqiang and Xu Guoqing of GZMIS,Sun Ninggang(Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of GZMIS), Pan Shulan(Assistant principal of GZMIS),etc.have participated the meeting .


Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Guizhou Machinery Industry School,June 17, 2015.The encouragement and benevolent smile of President Xi make all the teachers and students feel gracious.During the visit of Xi in our school,he spoke kindly to every teacher and student and his genial smile made an unforgettable memory for us. President Xi gave full affirmation to the implementation and the efforts of leading cadres.Xi made the remarks on “13+5”plan of school.


The visit of President Xi is a significant historical opportunity for the development of our school. We should keep in mind the speech’s Xi and strive for “striding developent dream” of our school.

Principal Wu Binru urged all the leading cadres and teachers to set an example by learning the speech and constantly strive to achieve more for GZMIS. Xi’s speech was a programmatic document containing important guidance for the construction and organization work of our school.


All the cadres at all levels should learn the speech’s Xi harder and better,and incorporate the speech’s ideas into their own to encourage others and build superfine course and improve teaching level of GZMIS which play a pivotal role for the development of industrial modernization of Guizhou.

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