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Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Guizhou Machinery Industry School,June 17,2015.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Guizhou Machinery Industry School, a vocational college, in Guiyang,capital of southwest China’s Guizhou Province, June 17,2015.He has a deeper understanding of Guizhou Province Education Plan “9+3”, the situation of construction and the promotion of Education for poverty relief . He affirms that Guizhou’ s practice of focusing on training&recruiting poor students by technical training, academic education, vocational guidance, cooperation between colleges and enterprises to help underdeveloped rural areas get rid of poverty is successful. The president described vocational education as an important part of the country’s education system and urged continued improvement of it.


President Xi Jinping visits the vocational education practice training base of Guizhou Machinery Industry School. He watches the practice training of local students : Under the guidance of the teacher, a group of students are operating the mechanical machine , CNC machine ,instructional robot, laser printer and other trainings in our school’s training base. One of our students Li Yangming shows an aluminum chess table which was made by him to President Xi. President Xi encourages him to make persistent efforts to achieve greater success. Xi stressed the schoolday is the most valuable time for every young students and the young people has a glorious future before them. Xi stressed that the need for more young people with specific technology, skill and scientific technique in various fields increases ceaselessly. China has a desperate need for skilled workers to keep itself moving. So students at vocational schools should have confidence in their future. Students are also encouraged to keep on working hard to sharpen their skills which can successfully target at specific jobs and create their brilliant life with diligence and wisdom.  (source: xinhua)


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