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Guizhou Equipment Manufacturing Vocational College (GZEMVC) is approved by Guizhou Municipal Government and is registered to the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China. GZEMVC is a state-run full-time general vocational college affiliated to Department of Education of Guizhou Province. The campus is located in the lakeshore of the picturesque Hongfeng Lake in Qingzhen, Guiyang, and is adjacent to the National 4A Grade Tourist Attraction, Guizhou Time. The campus covers an area of 500 Mu (333333 m2) and its floor area reaches 215 thousand meters square. GZEMVC develops state-run full-time general higher vocational education, secondary vocational education, and adult-associated degree education. GZEMVC regularly hosts vocational technique trains and appraisals, and is the 75th vocational technique appraisal center of China.

GZEMVC includes seven departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Automation Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Economics and Management, Guizhou Machinery Industry School (secondary vocational education) and adult-associated degree education. Theses departments include seven disciplines and 14 direction-wise disciplines like CNC technology, Industrial Robotics, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Logistics Management, Architectural Engineering Technology, Automobile Manufacturing and Assembly, Elevator Engineering Technology, Industrial Design and Accounting, etc., in which four of them are national major constructional disciplines. GZEMVC owns two national-level practice bases, CNC Practice Base and Automobile Practice Base. Currently, there are more than 8500 students on campus.

GZEMVC has 400 full-time and part-time teachers, which includes 63 professors, associate professors and senior lecturers, and 140 instructor-engineer teachers. 97 teachers own graduate degree in which there are 2 associate deans and 12 members of National Steering Committee of Machinery Secondary & Higher Vocational Education. 27 teachers are national and provincial technique contest referees. Students of GZEMVC have won several the first, the second and the third prizes in the National Vocational College Staff & Students Modern Manufacturing Techniques Contests.

GZEMVC is the Director Organization of Guizhou Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group, and is also the only backbone national machinery vocational college in Guizhou that is granted by Chinese Machinery Industry Development Center. GZEMVC strictly adhere to the motto Advocate Virtue and Ability, To Learn and to Act. GZEMVC persists in the educational idea of Immerse culture in technique. Support skills with qualities, and concentrates on cultivating students innovation and artisan spirit. GZEMVC also regards deeper cooperation in college-college, college-enterprise, and college-government levels. GZEMVC has introduced dozens of famous in-province and out-of-province companies to the construction of practice bases on campus and to the construction of departments foundation, which provides a steady base of quality and export channels of talents. GZEMVC cultivate and supply countless outstanding students to many in-province and out-of-province companies in the fields of aerospace, machinery, electronics, automobile, pharmaceutical and food service, etc. Employment rate of graduate student maintains 95% and higher consistently. GZEMVC has made a very positive contribution to the development of economy in Guizhou.


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